Triumph Bike Day at Ace Cafe – London

On this last Sunday, the popular Ace Cafe London has invited to the beloved British Triumph, which is already 115 years of history and has been popular since World War I, where the government of England appointed Triumph the mission to equip the British army.


The TRIUMPH BIKE DAY event was an event open to the general public, where all Triumph lovers could attend and display their machines, which had a good arsenal from classic, customized, cafe racers to the most current sport bikes, and as always fun atmosphere with good company and good conversations that always you can find in Ace Cafe.


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For those who were present at the event, they also had the opportunity to check out a new independent British production with DNA Triumph: Spirit Motorcycles which exposed their creation which as they themselves said “Designed for the track, built for the road”

The event ended early, but featured a beautiful Sunday morning sun, pleasant weather that certainly left with taste of want more for who attended.

Photos: Ivo Ivanov

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