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YZF R1 – Crossplane X Flatplane

Still today, its just log on to the online motorcycle forums or youtube to see the debates about “the ugly sound of the ‘new’ R1.” And it was clear the disapproval of the majority of users of 1000cc about the noise that the bike brings from the year 2009. (I say was, because the Yamaha YZF R1 returned among the top 10 sport bikes sold). And I, exercising my civic duty, came to say a bit of that bike with “ugly” noise, but that it needs to be really brave to accelerate.

But why the sound has changed ???

It is not only a change of a more acute sound, it is a set of results of a configuration previously unheard in street bikes.

Launched in 2009, the YZF R1 brings the same technology as the Valentino Rossi YZR M1 in MotoGP. But the big differential of this “new” R1 is that, in fact, the model incorporates the same engine architecture used on track bikes (and is not a simply phrase from Yamaha’s marketing department). It is a crankshaft where the configuration was inherited from competition motorcycles, a different arrangement of crankshafts, called “Cross-Plane”. This new technology is in the engine and is called “Big Bang”, that is, a “big explosion”. That’s because the entire engine blast cycle changed, its in-line four cylinders had different blast times, with two cylinders exploding at each cycle (turn of the crankshaft) and in the next cycle the other two.

lijsom4kg4vspuddmp4gThe Big Bang System innovates with the four cylinders exploding in the same cycle, even in misaligned times (different) they have sequential bursts every 90 degrees or ¼ turn of the crankshaft, so the answer in the accelerations is countless times stronger. Another innovation is that the second cycle of the engine turns without explosion, which causes the rear tire to recompose itself giving adhesion and soon in the next “poww”, one more strong explosion. With that changed the riding characteristic completely, and the R1 was born that was elected the bike of the year 2009/2010.

3934083777_e7cd8d0144 Some other changes have also been made to complete this new concept. The new Delta-box frame was also inspired by the Italian rider’s race bike, and received improvements to “support” the more powerful engine. It has strengthened rigidity, ensuring better manoeuvrability, more precision in the bends and stability at high speeds. The rear balance, built asymmetrically, is 30% stiffer than the previous version, and promises to keep the wheel on the ground at the curve outputs. The suspension system has also been redesigned with a new rear shock damper, fully adjustable. At the front, the 43mm diameter upside down fork has gained new adjustments and is firmer. The brakes are also new in this fifth generation. In the front, the wheels came with two discs 310 mm in diameter (10mm smaller than the 2008 version) but with more powerful six-piston radial calipers.

So, laud sound or technology/power?

Myth of MotoGP Valentino Rossi collects enemies on the track

In February, an Italian humor program called Le Lene invited the phenomenon Valentino Rossi. The tone of the interview was humorous and during the show Rossi was forced to participate in a video game race with presenters, being forced to use his Spanish rival Jorge Lorenzo.


The joke served to introduce the question about which rider irritated him the most during his career. Rossi ignored his current rivals as Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Márquez “With Max Biaggi there was a great rivalry, so he was the rider that made me the most angry” said The Doctor.

At the age of 38, the Italian was asked if he would like to return and start his career again. “It would be good, especially since it would mean being 16 or 17 years old again” he said.

One of the most successful riders in history, the nine times world champion, Valentino is also the richest in the Moto GP, with an annual salary of US$12 million, plus an accumulated fortune Of  US$135 million career.


He is known for both talent and for doing everything for a victory, Rossi is also one of the most hated riders on the circuit. Despite the extroverted and funny way, he has a series of enemies, who have always accused him of playing dirty. But nothing that Valentino Rossi is no longer accustomed to.

Remember the greatest enmities of the myth of MotoGP


The talented Italian, owner of four 250cc titles, became Valentino’s No. 1 nemesis during his MotoGP years, between 1998 and 2005. Biagi witnessed the birth of the Phenomenon, with whom he played every curve at the edge of loyalty.


11055484_853330774736907_1547731091_n-300x300The relationship became dreadful at the 2001 Japan GP when Biaggi pushed and sent Valentino to the grass. (All this at 240km/ h).

Rossi, who would be MotoGP champion for the first time that year, did not give up, got back on the bike, raced madly and passed his opponent on the next lap. Upon passing Biaggi, he showed the middle finger, in an image immortalized in the history of the Moto GP.

Over the next four years, rivals continued to hate each other, fighting and arguing around frequently. Biaggi left the biggest category in 2005, and today he dispute the Superbike, modality in which it gained two titles.


1rossi-gibernau-friends-300x200A classic case of friends who have come to hate each other because of the egos fight. Rossi and the Spanish were considered good partners, and were often seen sharing a beer after the races. However, everything changed after the 2004 Qatar Grand Prix.

At the time, Valentino made the pole position, but Gibernau complained strongly that he knew that Yamaha had made some modifications on the opponent’s bike to give him an advantage in dribbling the sand of the circuit.

The organizers accepted Gibernau’s protest, and Valentino had to leave in the last position. During the race Rossi ended up crashing and did not score points, giving continuity to a weekend of nightmares.

After the episode, Rossi accused Gibernau of “dirty game” and broke relations with the friend. The partners, who once drank and laughed together, were no longer talking and exchanging accusations behind the scenes.



Owner of two titles of the highest category of the Moto GP, the Australian was another who placed Valentino Rossi on his list of hated. The most remarkable episode of this fight happened in the GP of Laguna Seca in 2008.

That weekend, Stoner, who was the champion of the season, dominated all training and took the pole. He was the favorite in the race, but eventually overtaken by Rossi in a polemic maneuver, that gave victory (and later the title) to the Italian.


350_b0950931-212e-3aeb-a41b-702bb90598d4-300x225After the race, the Australian revolted, complained that the track of Valentino on the race disrespected all the limits of loyalty and fired: “I lost all respect I had for him.”

The enmity lasted for three years, but at the 2011 Spanish GP in Jerez de la Frontera, Rossi tried to apologize and extended his hand to Stoner, who declined, and say that the Italian had let his ego surpass his talent.


motogp-yamaha-yzr-m1-launch-2015-valentino-rossi-and-jorge-lorenzo-yamaha-factory-racing-300x200The ex team-mate at Yamaha may be you “oldest enemy”. Valentino always made it clear that before partners, they are opponents. No wonder Rossi always referred to Lorenzo as his first enemy. “We have a good respect relationship, both on and off the track. But as everyone knows, his team-mate is his first rival because he has the same bike as you. “It’s the first guy I have to win,” Said Vale in an interview.

Valentino-Rossi-vs-Jorge-Lorenzo-kualifikasi-MotoGP-San-Marino-2015-300x200Despite having 3 titles of the highest category of MotoGP, Lorenzo never had 100% respect from his teammate. Rossi always considered that in the years when the Spanish won the title (2010, 2012 and 2015), They did not compete on equality.

After the Spanish was hired by the Japanese team in 2008, Valentino ordered the boxes of both to be separated by a wall, and also as prohibiting any information exchange between mechanics.

Both staged unforgettable races at Valencia, Assen and Sachsenring but perhaps the duel of the century was the one they both faced at the celebrated 2009 Catalunya GP, when Rossi overcame his teammate’s Yamaha with an impossible braking on the final corner of the race.



04 GP Jerez de la Frontera, 30 de abril a 3 de mayo de 2015.

Marc, his latest latest case, is a candidate to become one of the greatest legends of the MotoGP, and he has no doubt that Valentino Rossi is the best in history.

But the friendship did not last for long, things have been different between them, after 2015 with the polemic incident in Malaysia, where the Spanish ended up falling into a controversial maneuver in an attempt to overtake over the Italian, with a gentle RC213V Against a rebel, YZR-M1 Márquez was not in a position to react.


The young prodigy of Honda, who in recent past had made several references to the nine time MotoGP champion, says he maintains Rossi as an idol, but has no respect for his rival on the track.

” I’d rather not say what he told me. It was not pretty. I always had a lot of respect for him. He will continue to be my idol, but I have lost all respect for him. Me and a lot of people. The way I look at him has changed, ” he said.

“Unfortunately, I lost a lot of time with Marc, on the corner I tried to go outside the track because he tried to cause me problems, but I do not know, he came on top of me and we hit at that moment,” said the Italian

Valentino is a reference for many, for everything he has done, the records he has achieved and the fans he has are impressive, and the Italian continues to run with the will to reach the tenth world title.




Triumph Bike Day at Ace Cafe – London

On this last Sunday, the popular Ace Cafe London has invited to the beloved British Triumph, which is already 115 years of history and has been popular since World War I, where the government of England appointed Triumph the mission to equip the British army.


The TRIUMPH BIKE DAY event was an event open to the general public, where all Triumph lovers could attend and display their machines, which had a good arsenal from classic, customized, cafe racers to the most current sport bikes, and as always fun atmosphere with good company and good conversations that always you can find in Ace Cafe.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For those who were present at the event, they also had the opportunity to check out a new independent British production with DNA Triumph: Spirit Motorcycles which exposed their creation which as they themselves said “Designed for the track, built for the road”

The event ended early, but featured a beautiful Sunday morning sun, pleasant weather that certainly left with taste of want more for who attended.

Photos: Ivo Ivanov

The beauty is a Beast!!

For those who know me, you know that one of my “motorcycle passions” is the YZF R6. So I’ll talk a little about this … how can I say … Beast !! The R6 is a bike that “fits” in the category of the 600cc, but it is much more than that, it is the most sports in this segment. It was released a year after its older sister YZF R1 in 1998, but its rise was only in 2003 where it had some modifications and it gained the title of superbike.

Over 17 years, the R6 underwent several modifications and improvements, always for the better I would say.

In 1999 it came out with 120hp and 169kg.


In 2001 its weight was reduced to 167,5 kg and gained led in the tail lights.


In 2003 it had its new chassis, new engine with fuel injection and a new design with headlights of 4 lenses, wheels of 5 rays and still reduction of weight to 162kg.


2005 received front forks reversed with larger brakes and also received an autographed edition by Valentino Rossi.


In 2006, the R6 came a totally new bike, more sport, with a seductive design and equipped with ycc-t by wire acceleration system adapted from Moto GP, and the engine with titanium valves that generate 127hp at 16,500rpm.


In 2008 the frame is more rigid and balanced made in magnesium sub-frame, engine with ycc-I system and increased compression ratio, leading to 135hp (until today).


The YZF R6 was designed and inspired for track, which was perfected for use on the street. But to explain why she deserves this title, I’ll make a comparison with her friends of the same category:

4 cylinders 4 cylinders 4 cylinders 4 cylinders 4 cylinders
599 cc 599 cc 599 cc 656 cc 599 cc
135hp 118hp 102hp 85hp 128hp

And I also dare to say that it has a power of 750 in a little body of 600, when I compare it with the SUZUKI GSX-R 750 that has 150hp. For me another point on the R6 that seduces me more and more, its your aesthetics: sharp fairings and super aggressive riding position inviting to attack lying curves, and to accelerate with force!



Well, but if you are reading this article in Brazil, I have to tell you that unfortunately Yamaha does not import this model to Brazil, to adquire a model of this, only through an independent importer and tropicalizing it. Which makes its cost incredibly expensive compared to others in the same segment, and also making it difficult as to the issue of service and maintenance. Well let’s hope that one day the R6 enters the plans of Yamaha Brazil.

For the haters!






Why write?

I think we did not choose to be a motorcyclist, we were born this way, and in a certain phase of life we discovered ourselves. It is a passion that there is no way to explain, it may seem cliché but “just who feels it knows” what it is like to expect to arrive at the end of the day to put on the helmet, start the bike, go changing gear afterwards, feel the engine speed increase , and that taste of freedom!

Write only to be able to share this passion which surrounds my day from the time I wake up to when I go to sleep!