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The beauty is a Beast!!

For those who know me, you know that one of my “motorcycle passions” is the YZF R6. So I’ll talk a little about this … how can I say … Beast !! The R6 is a bike that “fits” in the category of the 600cc, but it is much more than that, it is the most sports in this segment. It was released a year after its older sister YZF R1 in 1998, but its rise was only in 2003 where it had some modifications and it gained the title of superbike.

Over 17 years, the R6 underwent several modifications and improvements, always for the better I would say.

In 1999 it came out with 120hp and 169kg.


In 2001 its weight was reduced to 167,5 kg and gained led in the tail lights.


In 2003 it had its new chassis, new engine with fuel injection and a new design with headlights of 4 lenses, wheels of 5 rays and still reduction of weight to 162kg.


2005 received front forks reversed with larger brakes and also received an autographed edition by Valentino Rossi.


In 2006, the R6 came a totally new bike, more sport, with a seductive design and equipped with ycc-t by wire acceleration system adapted from Moto GP, and the engine with titanium valves that generate 127hp at 16,500rpm.


In 2008 the frame is more rigid and balanced made in magnesium sub-frame, engine with ycc-I system and increased compression ratio, leading to 135hp (until today).


The YZF R6 was designed and inspired for track, which was perfected for use on the street. But to explain why she deserves this title, I’ll make a comparison with her friends of the same category:

4 cylinders 4 cylinders 4 cylinders 4 cylinders 4 cylinders
599 cc 599 cc 599 cc 656 cc 599 cc
135hp 118hp 102hp 85hp 128hp

And I also dare to say that it has a power of 750 in a little body of 600, when I compare it with the SUZUKI GSX-R 750 that has 150hp. For me another point on the R6 that seduces me more and more, its your aesthetics: sharp fairings and super aggressive riding position inviting to attack lying curves, and to accelerate with force!



Well, but if you are reading this article in Brazil, I have to tell you that unfortunately Yamaha does not import this model to Brazil, to adquire a model of this, only through an independent importer and tropicalizing it. Which makes its cost incredibly expensive compared to others in the same segment, and also making it difficult as to the issue of service and maintenance. Well let’s hope that one day the R6 enters the plans of Yamaha Brazil.

For the haters!







Why write?

I think we did not choose to be a motorcyclist, we were born this way, and in a certain phase of life we discovered ourselves. It is a passion that there is no way to explain, it may seem cliché but “just who feels it knows” what it is like to expect to arrive at the end of the day to put on the helmet, start the bike, go changing gear afterwards, feel the engine speed increase , and that taste of freedom!

Write only to be able to share this passion which surrounds my day from the time I wake up to when I go to sleep!

Por que escrever?

Eu acho que não escolhemos ser motociclista, nós nascemos assim, e em uma determinada fase da vida nos descobrimos. É uma paixão que não existe como explicar, pode parecer cliché, mas “apenas quem sente, sabe” o que é esperar para não receber o final do dia para colocar o capacete, ligar a sua moto, ir mudando marcha apos marcha, enviar ao aumento Da velocidade do motor e do gosto da liberdade!

Escrevo apenas para poder compartilhar a paixão que envolve o meu dia desde o momento em que eu acordo como quando eu vou dormir!